Friday, October 16, 2015

Don't let FOMO kill your MOJO

My kids are growing up.

Some days I can feel time slipping away. 
Like, tangibly feel it. 

No school today for the kids, prompted me to knock off work at noon. 
We were craving sun light and *maybe* just a little fun.

The kind of fun that makes time stand still (at least for a moment)

I threw around the idea of the pumpkin patch, maybe a movie,
If we did a pumpkin patch,
would we go for the gusto, otherwise known as Vala's or
in usual fashion hit a knock off?

I was leaning toward Hoop-la to be honest! 
After all in not so kids won't care to do the pumpkin patch anymore.
*insert tragically sad face

Thankfully a last min meeting came up at work, 
which resulted in car pooling.
Car pooling thankfully with the co-workers I am blessed with
results in chatter.
Sometimes deep, though provoking.
Sometimes shallow.
Sometimes surface level.
Today...casual and free flowing.
During that drive I said 
"Am I looking for hoopla? Is it the hoopla that matters or is it the experience?"
Initially it was an honest question but quickly I knew the answer.
So the "knock off" was it!

It took a solid 90 seconds for confirmation I'd made the right choice!
At the front gate....Megan! 
(my college roommate and dearest, best friend ever)
On a field trip from their new home and school in Brady! 
You can't make this shit up people.


...but no.
No such thing people. 
Look around.
Find them in your life!

We fully dove into the rest of the day.

I was a bit worried that I would feel like we missed something....
something bigger,
by not going with "hoopla"
Like we missed out.
I hate that feeling.


Now I fear we would have missed something....

something bigger,...



if we had gone with hoopla

 Do you know how long we played in the corn?
Me neither.
That my friends is....
letting go. 

 I know tomorrow brings with it....

but every so often it is sure nice to escape from it.

Perhaps literally inside a giant orange jump house pumpkin?!

 so I guess bring on tomorrow...

reality ain't got nothin' on this 

So whether you 're out camping with your kids,
jumping full pocket book into Hoopla,
hitting up the knock off,
just don't miss it
because days like today
are rare gifts
mixed in among the more common days 
filled with homework, tantrums, parent teacher conferences, mom guilt,
work, stress, wishing for silence, begging for silence,  
worry, running to and fro, go go go. 

...and think about what you want...really want. 
not what you're afraid you'll miss
because I sit here tonight feeling blessed that I didn't end up letting that drive 
our direction today.

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