Wednesday, September 23, 2015

everyday kinda beautiful

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." -Bob Marley

I had nothing to do with this happening,

as it was already in progress when I arrived home.

 It was one of those days.
Not bad.
Not good.
Just exhausting.
I told the kids my brain was tired today. 


This was a gift.
Given at the right time
on the right day.
A reminder to stop thinking, worrying, and doing for a split second
and just be present.
It's the everyday kind of beautiful that can be quietly missed. 

When my brain is tired it is hard to feel the rain.
I (as do all mom's) do so much for our kids and families that goes 
un-noted, unnoticed, un-thanked.
These moments
Like today
 These are the moments where they do so much for me 
and I am thankful I didn't miss it. That I didn't let the moment go
 un-noted, unnoticed, un-thanked. 

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