Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas magic where are you?

A dear friend sent a quick message this week and it literally changed the trajectory of the entire week. 
I quote
 "How are you making Christmas magical and meaningful? I'm working really hard at being is just going by way too fast. Weeks are full, weekends are full and hearts can get empty."

Man I love my friends. 
If that wasn't divine intervention than I don't know what would be.
Our week was full.
Our weekends are full.
My mind was....overwhelmed.
My attitude a bit..shall we say "complain-y"
I guess I shall admit, My heart was teetering on empty.

I thought to myself when I read it "crap, I'm not. Apparently she thinks I am. I got nothing..crap." Sometimes we balance each other and this was a call, a plea, hidden in the message was a plea saying help me find the magic.
My only response to the message was:
"Stay tuned"

Here's the thing.
Are you ready?
If you can't handle the truth now is a good time to turn away,
shield your eyes.
Christmas magic, isn't magic.
It's not.

You have to actively choose to 
See it.
Find it.
Make it. 

I am starting my own 12 step Christmas Magic program. 
You can't wait for it to just "happen" because I have news for you...
You're going to be disappointed. 

Wanna join us?

As i was driving to work the next day....still only having replied "stay tuned." implying I had a great idea to send her way, but still thinking "crap..." I stumbled upon a favorite but slightly forgotten song on my playlist (Stumbled...not really. There are no coincidences). Thus Step 1 was born. 
My first instruction to my friend. Step 1 I said. 
Listen to this. 
Every morning.
It's like a prayer via song...a reminder.

Step 1
Slow down.
Listen to this
This week now I've listen to this every morning and every evening on the drive home.
No exceptions.
There have been a couple days this week that it was on repeat at least 3 times before my mind and soul could reconnect. Focus. Slow down. Moving so fast I'm forgetting my purpose...
*Christmas Magic is much harder to find, when you're not paying attention.

Step 2
Recognize the Magic.
It is so easy to see the problems.
The to do lists
You aren't going to have more time next week.
It's now or never.
Bad, terrible, sad and unfair things happen to good people.
It's all around us.
The struggles. 
Until it's natural you have to choose to see it all,
the pain, sorrow, and struggles of others
the magic.
All too often we forget that second part. 
Here's the thing: Tragedy is all around us. every day, but so is the magic.
We just have to choose to recognize it. 

Step 3
Now you found it, Give it.
Help someone else to remember to recognize the magic. 
"The miracle is this: The more we share, the more we have" ~Nimov

Funny thing.
Do Step 3 and you reinforce Step 2 because to give've got to see it. 

Step 4
Drink the kool-aid man
Sometimes it's the only way to reignite that spark inside.
Really feel alive.
Off the cuff....
Our Craziness looked a bit like this tonight

Don't you think Giant Marshmallows look a lot like snow balls?

I sure do.

The kids get home before I do....this was perfect.
HEEEEYYYY Cohen and Kadence!! HEEEYYYY!
Come outside and start carrying in groceries!!!
HEEEYYYY Come on! I need help!
(he heeee...come on I am totally ready to Ambush you)
Game on!

The only pics I snapped were these and
 they are blurry cause I was dodging flying marshmallow snowballs man!
 Welcome to the crazy Benson.

Here's the thing
sometimes you have to choose Craziness
There is indeed comfort in routine
but there is also...complacence. 
When's the last time you laughed so hard your lungs hurt?
When's the last time you were so caught up in the moment that your mind wasn't wandering to "what's next? What else needs done?"
When's the last time you dodged a giant flying marshmallow?
When's the last time you not only felt alive but full of life?
Step 4. 

I meant it. 

Ok well before you go....if you're thinking" I can't do that.
Johnny's allergic to marshmallows...woe me,
I'm dropping out"
I'll tell you a little something...

....see here's the secret, 
so listen up...
about the magic
it has nothing to do with the "event' 
and everything to do with the feeling.

Steps 5-12 you might ask...I'm waiting to see them yet....

Thank you friend for your message.
Thank you for reminding me to slow down 
and see the magic around us. 
Step 5.....

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