Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The best {and worst} moments all wrapped up in one adventure

The kids and I made a poster board size school count down.
The poster is divided in half.
One side is the actual countdown
The other side is a small list each kid made of things we want to do before school starts.

I snuck one on the list: Secret bike ride.

About 9:30 last night I told the kids lets go outside.
They both stared at me with their mouths open cause we still go to bed, most the time, by 9, even in the summer since they still have to get up and go in the morning. 

I broke out some glow sticks and told the kids 
"Lets do a nighttime GLOW bike ride"
Oh man were they excited!

You know how sometimes you plan something that you think will be "So fun!"
and it's an epic fail....

The kids cry.
Someone doesn't want to.
There is whining.
Not this time!

It was a BIG HIT!




So I was all caught up in my "mom high" 
and decided that I would race Cohen down the circle drive.
I was pedaling my bike faster than I have rode a bike in like 25 years!
The glow sticks on the tires....just a blur...
Wind blowing the hair...
Houses whizzing by....
So close to beating Cohen.......
push harder...just a lil faster!
When for, I am not sure what reason,
I hit my hand brake.

Like the definition of stopping on a dime...hard. 

Resulted in the front tire stopping immediately,
the back tire leaving the ground 
me propelling over the top of my handle bars 
my body skidding to stop on the street...
"Road rash" on the palms,
skinned up bleeding knee,
huge swollen lump of a bruise on my thigh..


Mom high over.

Cohen came flying back and was quite concerned and offered to walk my bike back to the house.
*I got back on.*
Gotta get back on the horse that bucks ya off right!
Something like that!
Kadence brought me the spray we put on owies to keep them clean.
The spray that I promise doesn't hurt if you blow on it.
*I secretly hate and fear that stuff 
so I assured her that there was no dirt in my bleeding knee or palms* 

Lets just avoid the obvious question:
Why power brake when riding super fast?

So night time glow ride:
Proper safety gear advised!

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. ~HG Wells
~perhaps Mr. Wells has not seen me on a bicycle...just sayin

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