Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All hands on deck...summer bucket list revival time!

We come with beautiful secrets
We come with purposes written on our hearts, written on our souls.
We come to every new morning with possibilities only we can hold.
Redemption comes from strange places, small spaces
Calling out the best of who we are
I want to add to the beauty
To tell a better story........
*I do not know the author

I do not want my story to be:
get up...hustle bustle, work, pick up kids, hustle bustle, home, supper, hurry up play, bath, bed. Repeat.  
This is not the story I want.
This is not the "storybook childhood" that I want my kids to reminisce about some day.
When my kids are all grown I want something like the smell of fresh cut grass to take them back to a time and place of pure happiness, where memories come flooding back of "good times" traipsing  through a sprinkler in the front yard or of under doggies in the back yard.  I want them to be able to sit around after I am long gone and say "remember when...." which would then end in smiles and a lot of laughter!

So this is my story right.
This is my kids' story.
I am the author.
I am writing this story and I am going to try to add some new chapters again this summer.
We've been in survival mode thus far but it is time to shake things up a bit!
Change can be very hard, so I may not accomplish everything but change can also be invigorating....its go time baby!
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise...

1. Make smores over a camp fire.
2. Go jet skiing or at least get back on a tube behind a boat!
3. Trip to the zoo
4. Salt Dogs Game
5. Get to the pool once a week (That's setting the bar pretty high!)
6. "Jack-up" the swing set.
7. Throw a summer bash/bbq
8. Have spontaneous weekend get togethers (we did one! Whoop!)
9. Take the kids on a picnic (any good ideas on where?!)
10. Make homemade ice cream.
11.Find a summer dress that "works" (I may need back up on that one)
12. Surprise ambush water fight on the kids!

I feel compelled to maybe add or edit but I seem to lacking some mojo or something....
I need something with a lil more "bang"....
Maybe I need to start an adult bucket list and then a family bucket list!
If you read this you better leave a summer bucket list idea
I am so not above stealing someone else's idea!
*insert sly smile here*

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