Sunday, December 23, 2012


Merry Christmas!

The Holiday season has flown by at a record setting pace this year.

As I sit here tonight, the house is quiet, just the Christmas tree lights glowing in the room, I am a bit saddened that tomorrow is Christmas Eve already.

I recently said I needed to find or create a little more Christmas "magic" around here!

Tuesday nights we stay late in Columbus, so last week I decided
 a "simple"...Christmas Magic Plan
for an ordinary Tuesday night.
We go to dance.
We go to Taekwondo....and the plan:
Hit a drive thru and then drive around, eating our take out,
taking in the Christmas lights,
Christmas music playing...
Yet "magical"

Only it ended up more like this:
Go to dance.
Go to Taekwondo
Leave Taekwondo.
Cop Cruiser parked behind the Tahoe.......20 minutes later (6:40pm) Cop leaves with a very intoxicated gentlemen in tow.  (That's 20 minutes of questions about why this "nice" man keeps falling over, wobbling, slurring, etc)
Think to self: It's okay we can still salvage this. There is STILL time for Magic.
.......Realize while sitting in the tahoe for 20 minutes, fielding questions about an intoxicated man, that the scholastic books you ordered ahead of time to avoid last minute shopping, did not come in and ta daaa, Kadence's preschool party is the next day, for which you needed said books.
Think to is FINE. It is F I  N E....we will jump over to Walgreens, grab a book and back to Christmas "magic." 
Go to Walgreens.
Get in the car kids.
Go to Walmart (7:00pm)
Get damn book
Leave Walmart (7:30pm)
Get to Arbys for supper (7:40 pm)
Kadence cries because she wants to go inside for ketchup.
Give up.
Eat in Arbys.
Head for home (8:10pm)
Not so much,

Attempt for "magic" Round two.

Friday Plan:
Leave work and pick up stocking stuffers and groceries, as it is the last chance to go to the store on my own since Mark would be working nights all weekend.  Once I had the last of the Santa items, grab Kadence from daycare and head home and have a candle light supper with the kids. Complete with wine glasses and sparkling juice. 

Which actually went more like this:
Leave work.
Where are my keys?
Well, of course, they are in the ignition,
with the doors locked.
Call Mark at home
He still needs to clean up and get ready for work but could be over in an hour or so to unlock the tahoe.
Thank him for bailing me out without a condescending comment.
Realize he will get to Columbus after 5.
With daycare closing that means.....well however will one get the stocking stuffers with Kadence in tow ?  SIGH
"Beg" or plead with Aunt Linda and Elli to pick up Kadence and watch her for a last minute trip to Walmart for stocking stuffers and decide that the kids and I can come back Saturday for groceries.
Walmart equals hell.  Oh my stars the people.
Leave Walmart at 6:15.
Realize there will be no candle light "magic" supper.
Pick up Kadence.
Decide to just get groceries and be done.
Get home 8:45.

Feel Defeated.
Wonder to self...........
what happened to the Holidays this year?!

Insert a few days at home:

..........and the magic is brewing.

I think we all just needed some down time (and heck maybe the snow!)

It is never going to be perfect.....
but there is always a way to find some magic of your own,
although it just may take a few tries! (*insert smile)
We finally pulled off our "candle light" supper Saturday  night....
couldn't find the fire starter, hence no candles...
and you can't see it but half the string of lights is dead.
And you know what...

Find your Magic....the season is upon us.
The season of giving to others...
of time with family...
of beliefs in people and things we can't see but find in our hearts....
It is wonderful...
and yes, truly Magical.
If you just Believe.

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