Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Road full of promise

Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.  ~Hal Borland

I openly confess I've been avoiding a "New Year's" discussion.
A New Year.

New opportunities.

New experiences.

New challenges.


Ultimately that is what we strive for year after year whether we set new year's resolutions or we don't.

A new concept occurred to me while I was watching tv.
(Or rather while I was desiring to watch tv but my children wanted to read books and lets be honest sometimes I would rather watch a funny and ever so slightly inappropriate show than read Flat Stanley one more time) but in the end as mom's we read the book. Again.

Okay I digress, sorry, off topic, on the slightly inappropriate show that I mostly missed, the family members made new year's resolutions for each other. Instead of setting their own, a family member set one for them. For some reason this intrigues me.

We spend so much time thinking about how we can improve ourselves that sometimes we forget such a simple solution:
Ask the ones who know you best; What can I do to be a better__________?

So I ask this of you......
if you drop in and read this on occasion,
if you know me better than I know myself or
if you barely know me.......
either way I want you to either leave a comment, send me an email, shoot me a private or public message on facebook, any which way you desire,
 tell me what can I do to be a better __________?
*fill in the blank, friend, sister, daughter, writer, co worker, support, wife, mother, person, however you want to fill in the blank. Your choice*
or a challenge to do more______ or perhaps do less _________.

This year is a blank slate.
No promises,
but you either choose to sing a rainbow,
or you don't.

Get some paper. Get some paint.
Let's get this year started.

FYI: I will be impatiently waiting for your
Hey. What are you doing?! Don't think I can't see you going to click that little tiny "x" up in the corner, I so can. I'll be watching you...


The Preister's said...

As your friend I want to see you to continue to be honest with yourself and those who love you about life. I want you to feel less guilt about any and everything. Saying your true feelings makes you honest, realistic, and practical...nothing less.

And, I want you to buy any friends you may have with the name brenda many things. Just say'in.

Jen said...

You made me, teary, smile and Laugh out loud all in one! That's great!

Jen said...

You made me, teary, smile and Laugh out loud all in one! That's great!

kim said...

I want you to STOP beating yourself up for thinking you are a bad mom because YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOM!!! You are always full of fun ideas,energy and can turn a bad day around in a heartbeat. So keep smiling and being that great person that is full of love for everyone