Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magical Memory Lane

Growing up family "vacations" primarily consisted of camping.
Yes some people do go camping to exotic places,
but not us.
We pretty much went camping to the same lake about 40 mins from home.

We live in a society now where bigger is always better.
Family Vacations are now cruises in the tropics, Disney World...

The most pivotal thing about it is, as a kid when we turned that corner (at the barn with the multicolored roof,) it was like we were transported to a whole other world.

It always seemed almost magical.

The water.

The sand.

Like we were a million miles from home.

I am sure these were our vacations because money was tight and it is what they could do,
but it never seemed that way to me. It seemed like we were the luckiest kids around.

Today I went to the lake with the kids and met up with my parents who have decided to jump back into the camping life style.

It was a reminder that I've been needing that it really isn't about how much you have.

That bigger isn't always better.

Its about being present. 
It's about living and loving the moment.

Sure would the kids love a fancy vacation to Disney Land.
Yeah, but what matters the most is our time and attention regardless of where we go.

As a kid, one summer, we did go to Disney Land.
It was cool. 

But when I close my eyes and drift to sleep
it's not Disney Land that I remember and dream of........

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Kim said...

so agree with everything you said!!!!