Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer show down...

Summer is flying by and I'm not sure where time is going. 
As always we entered into summer with high expectations
and I suppose for the most part the season has delivered.

Thus far we've filled the weeks 
with baseball,


 and threw in a vacation to the black hills. 

We took a jeep road and smack into the middle of the buffalo heard.
They are gigantic animals
....and were so close we could have touched them.
*I honestly had to self talk at one point...buffalo eat grass. not people

It was a much needed get away.
Probably the best part.
Limited to no cell phone reception or internet.
Finding the balance between being successful at work 
and being the mom I want my kids to have has proven challenging this summer

I am unable to disconnect, from work, from life.
When I'm at work I'm constantly thinking about what needs done at home, what I should have done the night before, how I responded to the kids....and vice versa step foot into the house and my mind is back at work...
a never ending to do list
a never ending demand
so a vacation where the choice is made for you...
for me

I am hoping however to fill the heart of summer with more....
down time.
This pace isn't sustainable.
I'm tired.

It is my parenting goal this week to develop our end of summer bucket list.

We have about 4 weeks. 
It's not much, 
but it can be plenty should we choose to make the most of it.

...and I have every intent to make the most of it.

summer bucket list is brewing but I would love:
Bring it on. 

"The journey is the reward." Amish proverb

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