Monday, December 16, 2013

If you just believe....

'We were dreamers, 
Not so long ago. 
But one by one, we 
All had to grow up." 

~ Believe: Polar Express

This might be it.

Kids are talking.

There have been questions.....

I listened.

I nodded.

I 'hmmm" and "huhed"  with the best of them.

He convinced himself, through his own logics, that indeed there must be a santa clause.

I must admit this is a milestone I hadn't put much thought into 
and one that indeed was a bit of a sucker punch.

I'm not ready.....

for the 





It's such a short window between when they really start "Getting it" and when they just plain "get it." 

He's so in love with Christmas. He single handedly put up 3/4 of our Christmas lights this year himself and when I got home tonight.....yet more lights!  Sure when you drive by you might notice the loops aren't even....but if you could see the pride in his eyes...well its no match for uneven Christmas lights.
There are these little parenting moments that are not captured in parenting the moment you realize you can't carry your sleeping child in from the car anymore. They just happen....well this is one of those silent milestones. (yes I've seen the letters on pinterest and might I use the concept sure but that's not 100% of what I'm trying to capture) It's not just Santa. Its...

a chapter closed in childhood.

The ability to blindly believe in more than we can see.  

That's the magic.

and now......

Now I have teach him to believe.
That's harder.
(Magical in its own way...sure)
only harder.

(in others, yourself, in dreams, in the greater good)

well it becomes a choice,
and not an innate ability....

Do you see the difference?

So I feel this self imposed...

pressing need...

to make this Christmas more magical.

This is it.

My last chance.......
at pure

*Magic advice welcome.


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