Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!
We crossed the half way mark a few weeks ago. Time goes so quickly any more.
This time of year is always the quickest with the upcoming holidays moving in,
which means this baby will be here before we know it.
Anytime you make the decision to add another life to this world
it comes with hope and yet uncertainties.
It has been funny to hear Cohen and Kadence make their predictions on boy or girl.
Kadence is certain it is a girl and swings from naming her Princess Sally or Macy.
I see the love in Cohen and I can hardly wait to see his love for a new baby.
I like to think that over the last 7 years since Cohen was born I have grown,
learned, matured, changed and I am curious how those changes and growth will impact
my parenting with a new baby. How will this experience look different? Hopefully better?
Yet this time there will be two other children who need love and attention and time.
Sweet precious and sparse time.
Hence the uncertainties....
No matter how old my kids are getting they still need my time. They need me.
Striking a new balance, adding a baby, being present when each of them need, there is no
way to prepare for that. 
 Just hope. 
Hope that when the times come I'll have what it takes
to give them each what they need.
Just blind hope.
Hope that the doubts, fears, and unresolved "how will we ever be able to's..." will slowly unravel and a new calm and confidence settles in their place.
Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life. ~Judy Ford

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