Sunday, April 17, 2011

take a look around

"Always remember to slow down in life; live, breathe, and learn;
take a look around you whenever you have time." ~unknown

Monday is cruising in without any hesitation.
I am sort of digging in my heels to no avail.

At some point Saturday night Kadence must have gotten out of bed,
carried her pillow and blanket with her,
nestled into a make shift bed in the living room,
and reminisced about her Great Grandma Ella.

I know the photo looks posed but I swear with every fiber of my being this is exactly how I found her.
{Thanks Grandma Ella for checking in. we've been thinking about you a lot lately!}

For awhile I have just been sucked into the whirl wind I try to call my life
but this weekend everything aligned and reminded me why I love this crazy whirlwind life I do have.
I have a wonderful family and amazing group of friends
{who reminded me again this weekend why I am madly in love with small town life}
and when the stars align
the pieces fall perfectly into place and I am full again.

More than once today I caught a glimpse of my kids,
just doing what they do,
and for a moment the world was silent
and nothing else really mattered.

 The "little" everyday moments that I hope someday when I close my eyes I can see,
no not just see,

 So instead of doing this...
{which seems like a great idea today, but that I will regret when they are still piled there come Wed!}

We did these...

I did at least wipe the bathroom floor with a wet wipe while the kids were bathing
{I mean really does it need more than a wet wipe can offer? I think not}
Bring on Monday!


The Preister's said...

love those baskets, too cute! Maybe the stars were aligned just right this weekend! We too had a great weekend and got to see our kids be kids - without worry about what we needed to do...we drank it in! We were going to make special easter treats...but ran out of time having fun on other things too!! it was a great weekend...and today I am exhausted! glad to hear you had a wonderful time!! <3

and...the picture of kadence is toooooo adorable. precious.

Kim said...

Love the picture of Kadence and the book of grandma. This Easter is going to be the hardest without her and can't type without crying. Sunday morning Leah sat at the counter and was coloring a picture for grandma Ella. Great post and reminder to take in the small things in life. We are going to make those treats this week :)