Saturday, December 25, 2010

vision of sugar plums

Tonight we went to Christmas Eve Church.
Just like we do every year.
It is my favorite.
Hands down.
Goose bumps.
I love Chrismas Eve Church!
 I sit here tonight well aware of the fact that someday I will look back and long for these days.
Staying up late
sneaking out presents
taking bites from cookies left with love, wonder, magic.

I sit here full of anticipation. 
Its all bottled up
and I feel like a bottle of Mt. Dew that some kid just shook the heck out of.
Ya know?!

This Christmas has come and gone so very quickly this year.

I was feeling sad about all the "things" we "didn't" get to this year (cookies, ginger bread house, etc)

Before tomorrow comes and Christmas is really here I needed to sit down and reflect on the fact that
I love to create tradition.
I love to create memories.
I love to create that feeling,
the one that is a combination of comfort
and exhilaration.

That's the feeling that is rooted in tradition.
That's the feeling I love.
That's the feeling I want to create for my children.

So this year I have come to see
that it really isn't about the "things."
It's about the time. 
It is the time we spend together that creates the memories.....not the "thing" we are doing (or not doing in this year's case)

The kids are so full of magic this year and that has been, well, magical.

I can hardly go to sleep......
The kids however, are fast asleep as visions of sugar plums dance in their heads.
{insert gushy happy mom moment}

Merry Christmas to you and
I hope something this season restored the magic within you
My wish for you is that you live that feeling.....the one that combines comfort and exhiliration this weekend!

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Kim said...

Christmas was grea this year!!!!